Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What does Fee Simple Law need to get started on my real estate transaction?

Property insurance - why does Fee Simple Law need this information?

Marital status - why does Fee Simple Law need this information?

Appointment time – why do I need to make an appointment to sign documents?

What if I am out-of-province and cannot sign at Fee Simple Law?

Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) – what if I am an agent to sign on behalf of someone else?

When should I contact Fee Simple Law?

Can Fee Simple Law act for both the buyer and seller?

Real Property Reports (RPR)

Real Property Report (RPR) – what is it?

Municipal Compliance – what is it?

Land Surveyor Certificate – what is it?

Who provides the RPR?

I’m buying – should I review the RPR?

What do I look for on an RPR?

Do RPRs expire?

Can the buyer accept an RPR “as is”?

Do I need an RPR if I am going to sell my house to a builder?

Trees – are they on RPRs?


What is the Property Tax Adjustment?

How do we know what the taxes are?

Why am I paying an adjustment for taxes if they have already been paid?

What is TIPP?

Do I have to join TIPP?

Can my taxes be added to my mortgage payments?

What is a Tax Holdback on my mortgage?

Why am I paying an adjustment for the TIPP if I am not on it?

Tax Arrears – what if taxes are still owing?

Completion Day

What is a Walk-through?

What happens if there is a problem with the appliances on Completion Day?

When do I legally own the property?

What’s a Holdback?


I’m selling – why do you need my Mortgage Number?

What is a mortgage payout statement?

I’m buying - what do I need to know about my mortgage?

How do I get my mortgage information to Fee Simple Law?

Why is the old mortgage still on title?


Condo-docs – what are they?

Estoppel Certificate – what is it?

Residential Purchase/ Sale Contracts

What is a listing contract?

What is a Residential Purchase Contract?

Can I buy or sell my property privately?

What is title insurance?

What’s the difference between Title Insurance and an RPR?